I'm constantly learning new things, and this is just a sampling of what I've been up to in the last decade. My favorite media are weathered wood, metal, and ceramics, but I've worked in everything from leather and fabric to oil paints and resin. I write code both professionally and as a hobby, on subjects ranging from a production geocoding/search engine to command line dinosaurs.
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What do Freeskool calendars, event fliers, and banners have in common? I drew them!
Tags: art illustration
Playing with mud for fun and profit.
Tags: ceramics art
The Recycled Bicycle
2006 - 2015
Turning discarded bicycle parts into jewelry and toys.
Tags: art sculpture
In which I build a boat and float it down the Mississippi.
Tags: adventure art
October 2016
SpotPrice mapping module for CloudFormation templates.
Tags: code
May - September 2017
In 2017 I spent months working with a volunteer crew to build a 70ft tall temple in the middle of desert.
Tags: art sculpture
KaiWeb Chrome Extension
February 2018
Rewriting the web, Kai style.
Tags: code recurse
Hand-drawn postcards for my personal mailing list, hopefully published monthly but at least quarterly. Topics are usually topical, and feature bees and plants on a regular basis.
Tags: illustration art
Deadly critters with fascinating social structure, what could go wrong?! I kept urban bees for fun and profit for around 6 years.
Tags: bees
Multiplication Tables with Processing
February 2018
What does math have to do with visualizations? I experimented with visual multiplication tables using Processing.
Tags: art code recurse
How to make friends (if your friends have eight legs)
Tags: art sculpture
Bee OpenCV
February 2018
Playing with computer vision using OpenCV and my honey bees.
Tags: code bees recurse